Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wild Wind conductor is at the helm
Wisping frosty branches into a frenzy
My brain is mush from overcounter cold medecine
I am warm under the blankets
The kittens are contented
The Icy orchestra warns of power outage
I think
I won't get up without coffee
It's 2 am and I don't want to go out
But if I have no coffee
I get up, feed the cats, brew a pot
Addictions never live for the moment


Devika said...

Indulge, indulge in the pleasures of life, Lorraine....I was brewing coffee for him, want a cup?? :)


Lorraine said...

Oh you are a Princess, I love you. A Queen among Queen, make it very hot ok 'caues I'm freezing!

Devika said... June sun! :))


Lorraine said...

oh yeah the heat is coming through thank you Dev :)

Brian Miller said...

coffee and warm blankets just may help you get thorough that symphony...rather chilly out this morning here as well.

Sam!! said...

Lovely... winters, blankets, coffee... well expressed.. :)

Take care

Lorraine said...

yes it is Brian and I need another coffee, join me? :)

Hey Sam, thanks a lot )

Kathy said...

My younger daughter married a guy who does not drink coffee but gets up every morning before she does and brews her a pot. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee every morning? I could set my automatic but then I'd have to get up at a certain time in order to drink it hot!
I will send you the Angel of Neverending Electricity so you won't have to face an outage!!!

Cindybrown said...

Hi Lorraine, Beautiful pic!! What would life be without coffee?

Kristin Riggs said...

This made me smile, Lorraine. :)

Lorraine said...

Hey Sammie, I'll visit soon, don't know where my brain is, I fear it's being buried in massive cat hair (as you can read on 'my tell me what's on our mind blog')

You and me, we have Canadian blood (well you know you're grandchildren) it's all I'm saying, my coffee, your coffee, my Maple syrup, oh totally YOUR maple syrup, there you are so much more Canadian than I am and I say that with great glee lol I swear I'm not on any kind of funky sent me an angel of Neverending Electricity, I am so happy...:)

Cindy b, I wouldn't want to know, but I don't deserve one right now, geesh I forgot you, my brain=mush :)

Thanks very much Kristin :)

Standley said...

Cela fait 29 ans que je ne peux plus boire de café pour en avoir abusé Lorraine. J'en buvais deux litres par jour! Comme quoi l'excès en tout nuit...

GABRIELA said...

I love the representation of The Blizzard! I can almost feel it!

Lorraine said...

Richard pour moi ca varie, j'enbois entre entre 2 et 2.5 le matin et habituellement un plus tard le matin, je suis raisonnable a ma je deteste le the....pauver toi, bois-tu au moins du lait au chocolat?

That's a lovely compliment Gabriella, don't forget to let me know if ever you'd like one of my winter photos, I'd gladly e-mail them to you and then you can print up and put it on the wall or on your comp screen lol

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

This is beautifully written, Lorraine.

Lorraine said...

Thank you very much Lynne :)

Colette Amelia said...

Oh I do so like this one! you caught the emotion of the weather!

Anonymous said...

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