Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Difference Perspective

Sometimes, you need to back away, to get a new perspective. To understand differently, because understanding better is no longer cutting it. Knowing where to look is irrelevant, knowing how to look, well in the end it makes no difference if you're blind.


Magyar said...

look beyond
see of that pebble
this ruby

Lorraine said...

OOO I do like that very much Doug, it's all in the perspective...;)

Choices said...

Looking at the big picture instead of concentrating on the small stuff. Beautiful picture.

Brian Miller said...

great words today becomes easy to get lost in the moment of what we are trying to accomplish...and we end up working twice as hard if we think ours is the only way to look at something...

Margie said...

Wonderful words from you today dear Lorraine.
And I'm so loving your beautiful picture!
Also loved what Doug shared.

Have a fantastic day!
It's a winter wonderland here.
I wish it was warm and spring like but the snow is quite beautiful so my plan is to get out and enjoy it!

Margie :)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lovely photo and good advice, too. I'm going through some of that re-thinking this very day.

Talon said...

Beautiful shot - makes me impatient for the garden to start blooming.

Perspective - it's a tricky and changeable thing.

RBroeker said...

I love it till the last line. This ultima ratio is a reality of tomorrow. And we will habe to decide.

Best wishes

Lorraine said...

That's one way, Thanks a lot Anne :)

I like that, Thanks Brian :)

You're so positive Margie, I like that, no snow here, but it's coooold :) and I'm not going out to play lol

I know the feeling Lynne I'm all over the place and it's Sunday, I don't like Sundays...;)

Well put Talon ;)

The now and now, whoever made that up ;) thanks Ralf