Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Devika said...

The Hindoo - The Only Risk

"Just to keep the heart’s simple given beat
Through a neighbour’s striptease or a friend’s suicide
To keep one’s hand away from the kitchen knife

Through that returning weekly need
To maim oneself or carve up wife
And child. Always and everywhere, to eat

Three square meals at regular hours, suppress
That itch to take a peek at the dead street-
Dog before the scavengers come. Nor to be caught

Dead at sea, battle, riot, adultery or hate
Nor between the rollers of a giant lathe. Yes,
To keep it cool when strangers’ children hiss

As if they knew what none could know nor guess
At the bottom, of all this bottomless
Enterprise to keep simple the heart’s given beat,

The only risk is heartlessness”

It a poem by an Indian poet AK Ramanujan.

May you have your heart always, Lorraine...i hope you have not lost it...bleeding is fine, thats what a heart is meant for...humaneness starts with that I think! :)

btw, don't leave :)


Lorraine said...

Wow Dev do you ever come back with a big bang, love it, I won't leave...don't either, you are back right!!! Alleluia, maybe you can awaken, nobody seems to post anymore!

Devika said...

hahah!! awakening is more than done, I guess :)

probably i will be back here and there...But I do LOVE this world for what it is....and am reading it, regularly - you know it :)


ps: i forgot the way i use to sign off here :)

Lorraine said...

No worries about signing off, see you've been here, and already I have 4 comments, maybe blogger just needed a push from you :) be back now, I insist, you can respond to this while I go do my 30 minute jjogging and then when I respond I will have 6 comments, see how great you are, shaking things up already!

Devika said...

haha! Actually, in between i got committed to a few things....and now running for time!

i miss it too...probably in a month or two I should be free and back :)


Lorraine said...

This was just a teaser, well, It was nice to see you Dev :)

Choices said...

Blogging is an interesting thing. People come and go, come and go. I am still here. I just need to get inspired to post something. Sometimes the words don't come!
I hope you won't leave.
Have a great day!

Brian Miller said...

yes, my heart has bled, though i have stubbed my toes a few times...i still stick around. smiles.

Lorraine said...

I'm always here Anne, occasionally I delete everything and then bring them all back to life, I'm moody lol thanks sweet girl, you know when you can't think of words to write, you can talk about a book, or a particular colour you like, or just post a's all good!

Hey Brian, poor you, it's weird that all my life on the beach, in the sand, barefoot, I've never been cut ;) I've been cut to pieces in other ways lol but never on the sand ;)

Gillena Cox said...

mind boggling--
to stand on the Lorraine shore
and listen to my beating heart
the waves of Devika
such a day
ebbs and flows
ebbs and flows
ebbs and flows
where is

much love

Devika said...

Eternity is there Gillena for us to reach...

O snail:
Climb Mount Fuji,:
But slowly, slowly

Kobayashi Issa

it might take as much time as we all learn to walk together, yet knowing we have come alone and need to go alone :)

Lorraine...with your permission :)


TALON said...

I loved this, Lorraine. Broken hearts can be soothed with views like that and a soft place to rest weary feet.

Lorraine said...

Ha Gillena, that is so beautiful and a propos, I must say ;)

Dev, of course...:)

Oh yes Talon, you heard me the sole of our feet on warm soft sand, can cure many a heart :)

Standley said...

La vie est un éternel recommencement.
Très belle image!

Sam!! said...

So positive..liked this one.. :))

Take care

Lorraine said...

Merci beaucoup Richard :)

Hey Sam, thanks a lot ;)

Seraphine said...

putting feet in sand
nice warm sand for closing eyes
uncovered skin burns