Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

a little pick me up never hurt anyone...smiles. hope you are having a great day L!

Seraphine said...

i like lifts too. but sometimes i walk
up the stairs for the exercise. birds
on the other hand should use their
wings since trying to press the floor
button on a lift is confusing even to children.

Anonymous said...

3 "L", une écriture très personnelle.

Choices said...

Wings can take us anywhere we want them to go.
Have a wonderful day.

TALON said...

What a gorgeous shot, Lorraine! It uplifted my spirits this morning! Thank you!

Timoteo said...

"The wind beneath my wings..."
Or in my case, the wings beneath my wind!

Kristin Riggs said...

My first day back and your lovely alliteration doesn't disappoint, Lorraine! :) I've missed you! This is terrific as always.

Lorraine said...

I did and thanks a lot Brian :)

LOL and strangely enough Sera, I followed you, thanks m'dear :)

Merci beaucoup Marcel,
L ;)

Yes indeed Anne and the same to you, girl ;)

My pleasure Talon, I gladly admit, I LOVE this photo :)

LoL Timoteo, that bad hey? or is it that good ?

Hey Kristin, you're back, that is so wonderful, can't wait to visit you again :)

Standley said...

L'amour donnerait t-il des ailes?
Belle photo Lorraine!

gautami tripathy said...

It sure does!

Lorraine said...

Oh la la j' merci Richard :)

Thanks Gautami, it's so nice to see you here :)