Monday, June 7, 2010

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Magyar said...

__I like the "art" that wood develops within itself; shapes, scars, swirrling patterns of growth.

"fall(en) into spring"
__Fall, nicely fits both 'reasons' here, LL.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like it, It's nothing, but it's great !

Devika said...

Looks like head over heels to me! :))

kidding, Grand photo Lorraine :)


Devika said...

Now guess you won't want me to comment!

actually, i was a bit too bored...and wanted a laugh badly...that was not on you but on me, dear -- often falling for the wrong reasons,

and yes, Magyar's comment made me enlarge the photo to see...its a grand piece of art...good eye :)


Brian Miller said...

nice. i fell into it yesterday...we went swimming in the river...the current did good for me...

Choices said...

Beautiful photo. I like the look of the wood. So much to look at. I can even see the reflection in the water.

Lorraine said...

bEautifully put Doug, and take my word for it, it has so many meanings..;)

Wow no one's ever ever said that to me before, merci pour cette nouveaute Marcel :)

Dev Darling you're so right, I love it!
But DEV, I loved it...don't you change the comment!

thanks Brian, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it ;)

Thanks for the beautiful compliment Anne ;)

Sam!! said...

Nicely said..

Take care

Devika said...

thanks comments are often prone to the risk of misunderstanding, i feel :)


gautami tripathy said...

Like it!

ArleneWKW said...

Dev's comment caused me to enlarge the pic. Highly cool. A clever play on words also.

Standley said...

Tu as pris cette souche sous un très bel angle. Elle est très évocatrice et ploie sous la chaleur!

Lorraine said...

Thanks a lot Sam :)

But Dev, I know you...well a little lol

Thanks a lot Gautami :)

Arlene, how wonderful to see you, hope you're doing great and will post again soon, or are you having too much fun? and that would be aOK ;)

Merci pour ces beaux mots, Richard ;)

firebird said...

Love it! A feeling of freedom, just right for the season...

Lorraine said...

How beautiful Sweet Bird, do tell me you're back....:)

Seraphine said...

better than falling into winter.
i love the summer, i'd miss it
if it was always fall or winter
with no relief in between, though
fall gets better and better in comparison.

Lorraine said...

Ha Sera, there's nothing like four seasons, just when you get totally fed up with one, pops in another, although admittedly I enjoyed winter more, when I didn't live in an old drafty house lol