Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Devika said...

Nice post, Lorraine --- Guess, it's the process which freshens nature for us, ruthless humans -

the leaf
doesn't care?

but yes, as people we miss each
where's Polona, Janice, Samrina, Margie, Venus?


Devika said...

ha! i ask as if you are the custodian :))


Lorraine said...

YEs indeed do you know how lonely it's been, nobody to cry with me over the loss of my 20,000 photos that c0uldn't be saved
it's about time you visit ;) Hi Dev, so nice to see you

Devika said...

I read that Lorraine; that was should be saving a copy, weekly or so...from now on,

i will visit, now and then :)


TALON said...

Looks like you're building up your new collection beautifully, Lorraine. :)

Brian Miller said...

ah but it will be here soon! i love fall!

Anonymous said...

Why not "dancing with the wine " ?

Nina said...

♥ hey Lorraine, I miss you... I'm sending many positive thoughts your way...
- dancing with the wind, a beautiful photo, like a soft whisper... :)

Michael Rawluk said...

All the leaves will be gone so very soon. Then it will be time for the snow flakes to dance with the wind.

Lorraine said...

Trying Kim, slowwwwwly lol thanks very much

Me too Brian, the air is fresh and cool,and around you all the beauty of the world:)

Cause Mop everyone dances when ingesting wine ;)

Oh Nina I miss you tooo dear lady, thank you so much for the visit, fyi I tried to upload new photos on am3 and it wouldn't let me...I'll try again, you know I never stay away too long x

Now you're playing my song Michael lol thanks a lot ;)