Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Magyar said...

Lovit LL... this light can be heard.

__I hope you won't find this offensive... it is certainly not intended to be: Hearing a light, from one of my scribble note-books of years past.

i hear
this new days sun
a moth farts

Lorraine said...

hey thanks Doug, do tell and n offence taken nor intented but what does a moth fart sound like?

TALON said...

lol @ moth farts! I imagine you have to have amazing hearing...probably only Riley and Charlie hear it and that's why they're always snapping at moths - lol!

That photo is lovely, Lorraine, and the words are gorgeous.

Brian Miller said...

so cool to hear the light...
moth farts...rofl!

Lorraine said...

Thanks Talon you've got to appreciate Doug lol and thanks very much !

I know he's killing me, thanks a bunch Brian