Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Devika said...

haha! fine logic, Lorraine :)

though not for that reason, i too am poor with returning telephone calls...But i reply to emails :)

LOVE the photo...Don't lose them again, dearo


namaki said...

LOL !!! I love that quote !

Lorraine said...

me too Dev, i can't seem to concentrate on what the person says on the phone...I am weird

Thanks Dominique, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Anonymous said...


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TALON said...

I love that shot, Lorraine! Phone calls can definitely be intrusive!

Janice Thomson said...

Agree 100% no matter who is on the other end...

Brian Miller said...

but what if i am waiting on the other end to enjoy the moment with you...smiles.

Margie said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely picture!
I just had a phone call returned from my wonderful sister and we shared a lots of smiles!

Enjoyed this even though I feel differently about your sentiment!
I'm one who always returns phone calls that are from family and friends :)

Margie xx

Michael Rawluk said...

Phone calls are over-rated. I figure about 5% are important.

Lorraine said...

lol oui Marcel!

Hey Talon hate the phone, hate the phone, i hate the phone lol

Janice well I have to exempt my son, well God Bless him he sends me e-mails

Brian, what a charmer, I hate talking on the phone...emails are so much better :)

LOL Margie you know this was partially inspired by you, when I think of picking up the phone , I get spooked, don'[t like the phone...;;) but I like you

5% wow you give it way too much importance, but not so bad Michael :)

Margie said...

You made my morning!

Margie xx

Lorraine said...

lol you're so welcome Margie x

Seraphine said...

sorry about not calling
i'm livin' in the moment
baby, maybe i'll text you
send you a new ringtone
instead of flowers

Lorraine said...

Love, love love this....way to go Sera, I plead open a poetry blog...

firebird said...

Gosh, Lorraine--maybe that's what's wrong with in the moment is a happy place, but can be a bit distant from people and their demands!