Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Devika said...

Looking up (to the sky) comes most naturally to me,

But here its more of the beauty of those leaves -- Uplifting post, Lorraine...and Grandiose shot :)


ps: I am back...and beautiful set of posts as always :)

Devika said...

I must be saying, "Looking up (*at* the sky)"


Brian Miller said...

true that...keep looking up L! how could the beauty in those leaves not make you smile...

comrade harps said...


Cindybrown said...

I am ready for our leaves to change, this is such a beautiful time of year!! keep looking up Lorraine!!
Devika, It is nice to see you back!!!

Devika said...

Thank you Cindy...and I wanted to tell you, Your blog has some technical problem, it seems...It goes to "Page cannot be displayed" saying "Operation aborted"

Not sure if its some problem with my system...I am checking that too...meantime, i loved your postings too, (I read them on the reader...but could not comment) :)

Lorraine, with your permisssion :)


TALON said...

Wise words - look to the light. And that shot is lovely - the colors are gorgeous!

Magyar said...

LL, as always... grand photo and verse! _m

Anonymous said...

Très belle photo...


été indien,
le Canada fait rêver


Standley said...

On n'est jamais déçu en levant les les yeux!
Les v=couleurs sont superbes.
Bonne journée

Lorraine said...

Wow you're back Dev, how lovely, thanks a lot :)
and I always read what you initially planned ;)

You got that right my dear Brian, thanks always :)

Thanks Comrade :)

Thanks so much Cindy and yes it's great to have Dev back :)

Of course Dev, I'm having no problem in visiting Dev, but in the beginning I use too...

Thanks always Talon :)

Thanks so much Doug :)

Bonjour Marcel c'est vrai on est chanceux et c'est gentil de visiter :)

Richard, desolee de n'avoir visiter hier j'avais ma propre promenade du samedi ;)et merci beaucoup