Monday, October 4, 2010

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Devika said...

I am fa, fa, falling :)

truly beautiful, the autumn of my life, this photo makes me wonder how long would i be able to see the beauty of this world...intoxicated :)


comrade harps said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope you didn't hurt yourself.

Lorraine said...

that's s good Dev and so nice to have an early visitor again x

If I had Comrade, would have been worth it ;)

TALON said...

That photo is beautiful, Lorraine. I love fall!

Gillena Cox said...

the morning blush of
a sky still young watching
autumn's bold colours

much love

Frank said...

A beautifully tranquil picture; I do love autumn and its colours...

Timoteo said...

Amazing photos of autumn, my dear! (And yes, I AM HERE!)
By the way, Devika is in the "autumn" of her life? Isn't she still in her forties? (That's more like mid-summer to me!) LOL

Brian Miller said...

gorgeous view...i can feel the chill air in my lungs...

Michael Rawluk said...

That is a very beautiful shot, Lorraine.

Eddie said...

I was not here a few days,
here the whole autumn :))

Standley said...

Ta photo est superbe Lorraine.
Elle me donne envie d'ĂȘtre sur place!

Lorraine said...

me too Talon it's like I can breathe again :)

Beautiful, Gillena :)

Frank it is my renaissance, I love it so..

Tim HI how nice to see you here, yeah Dev is a little nuts at times, she's a young chick ;)

Oh Yeah Brian, I can breathe again, and I love it :)

Thanks very much Michael :)

aren't you happy Eddie, lol thank so much

tu connais probablement l'endroit 'Gatineau Hills' tres populaire pour les touristes et moi