Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Magyar said...

The fire, a simily among the green. Very nice, LL. _m

Devika said...

Right now there is a fire in my stomach...i forgot to have my lunch :)

HA! but that was nice sense, Lorraine :)


Cindybrown said...

So pretty!! I just love all the fall photographs!

Brian Miller said..., fire....hehe.

lovely pic L! fire in all the trees around cool.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Doug and you know it just popped up trough the cracks of the deck, Imean, took me by surprise ;)

Dev, it's a miraculous fire, believe it :)

Me too Cindy,those and the winter wonderland ones lol

Brian, it's magical I never planted it, it came through cracks on the loldeck???? wow

Devika said...

I believe you; whatever the "miraculous fire" means :)
...and you know, there's a similar shrub here in our the forest area, and the new leaves are as red -- i don't know the name,


TALON said...

I love how the sumac just turns to flame. And that does look like tongues of fire flames, Lorraine! :)

Janice Thomson said...

Fiery indeed. Your province has such beautiful autumn colours chere amie

Frank said...

The colours of autumn can seem so warm, Lorraine. lovely post...

Eddie said...

Beautiful warm autumn

Gillena Cox said...

amazing; some weeds can be such a pretty
surprise; thanks for sharing

much love

firebird said...

Sweet! I have these small sumac trees in my yard springing up wild--they are precious for not only their colors but their ability to survive anywhere in the worst conditions--this is why I don't usually weed them out!

Love your glorious fall color photos! Ours are not nearly as inspiring this year.

Michael Rawluk said...

So freakin' beautiful. That is wonderful colour.

Standley said...

Magnifique Lorraine. La couleur est superbe!
Bonne journée

Lorraine said...

It's fabulous isn't it Dev, and grew out of nothing at all...

It's amazing isn't it Kim, Inever planted it, somewhere in the past the seed came alive again, I amthrilled ;)

Janice, we are lucky indeed, although we get the coldest comes at a high cost

Thanks very much Frank ;)

Thanks always Eddie :)

Gillena, this gorgeous fire is a weed, wow I love weeds :)

It is a wonder my dear firebird, that anything grows on my lawn I am thrilled

Thanks so much Michael but in my comment to you I meant yesterday's photolol

Merci beaucoup Richard :)