Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Devika said...

I/you am earth
heaven is within me/you

we see the macrocosm external to the microcosm...the time we realise it all within could be blissfull...that is what Indian holistic health is promoting worldwide,

Good post, Lorriane :)

the picture also reminds of someone who said....if you've attained enlightenment (realisation of self with God) go and live with your family for a week...or something like that, :)


Magyar said...

Heaven and Earth:
__It is said that judgement isn't ours; we wait.

Brian Miller said...

knees to the the pic with your words...very nice....

namaki said...

L'église y-est-elle pour quelque chose dans cette "ascension" ?

Devika said...

Now considering the macrocosm alone...and imagine heaven is somewhere up there...will there be space in heaven for all on earth?

And more over with Magyar's comment...i've to imagine God as a judge...but i believe He isn't a judge, but a guide...a leading light,

seriously, this post leads us to questions we cannot find an reliable answer....for now, i dismiss it saying I don't much care about afterlife...whatelse to do? :)


हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

Really very beautifull and nice pics on your blog..i enjoyed yr wishes.

HOBBY said...

Nice old town!

Michael Rawluk said...

Those are perfect words.

comrade harps said...

if at all

Lorraine said...

Dev no matter what we're still stuck in the mud :)

Indeed Doug ;)

Thanks very much Brian :)

Mais oui et non Dominique, c'est comme tu veux, mais le jeux est le meme )

You don't care that your Soul will live a real truer life after your dead? are you scared,Dev?

Thanks for the visit and the comment Hemant :)

I appreciate that Yoshiyuki, thanks very much

wow, thanks Michael :)

Either way, the energy goes up or down thanks Comrade :)

Devika said...

I don't know...i don't much dwell there...

see Lorraine...what was me in my previous i know?
then why do i bother about afterlife? :)


Devika said...

And no i don't think i'm stuck in any mud...except i love gardening :)


Janice Thomson said...

Profound words mon amie - I leave it at that :)