Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Devika said...

yes, straight on the face....Grand shot, Lorraine :)

this reminded of a song..."eyes on fire" -can't seem to remember well,


Lorraine said...

Thanks always first and dear Dev ;)

Gillena Cox said...

this one puzzles me; are you asking God never to look down angrily at you

well every one should want loving gazes from above

Peace Love and Joy

Brian Miller said...

nice fire in the sky...without it we would be cold, so its not always a bad connotation..

namaki said...

You are very brave to face the eye of fire !!!

Janice Thomson said...

Obviously your eyes are not angry or you'd never have caught such a gorgeous shot.

Underwood said...

Look up the fire
face down the heat
and with the sweat
of determined brow

Beautiful photo!~

Magyar said...

LL... a quick visit; I hope you don't take offence to this instant's Cinquain echo... as inspired by your fine post today. _m

some eyes
of fire's burn
can only see the hate
but in dawn's sun of rising light
we love

Michael Rawluk said...

Whatever the words mean in your heart, the photo has me filled with joy (especially viewed large).

Standley said...

Quelle photo magnifique Lorraine! J'aurais aimé pouvoir la faire celle-ci.
Bonne journée à toi.

Sam!! said...


Take care

Lorraine said...

Gillena just challenging the old rule never to look up directlyin the sun lol

ndeed Brian, but apparently not suppose to look at it directly, I say Ha!

Well thanks you very much Namaki :)

there you go Janice lol - you're nt suppose to look directly in the sun's eye, but you know i always do what I want ;)

Wow that's lovely underwood, thanks for the visit :)

Please never hesitate Doug, I love your words ;)

Thanks so much Michael, I like looking straight into the sun's eyes ;)

Richard, qu'une question d'occasion, la tienne serait aussi belle, merci beaucoup

Hey Sam girl, thanks a lot :)