Thursday, May 5, 2011


Devika said...

Off and on i could do that too....but, if i were to live my life off and on myself the whole life - God knows HE would go crank, so he got me some good people around :)

Nice photo -- it interests me to imagine how life would be for the one there, and then to see how it would be if i make it a home...we had a project once where the organisation i worked for built 100 homes of 4x3m, as part f flood relief -- i am reminded of those days :)


Brian Miller said...

nice old home...i could probably live anywhere...i really want to move from where we really anywhere else would do at this point...smiles.

Margie said...

I'm sure you could do that!
I guess I could too but I'd miss my hubby so I think I'd take him with me ...LOL!
I know I'd love to have a cabin in the mountains in a nice quiet place ...that would be heaven to me!

I like that cabin!

Have a happy day, my friend!

Margie x

....peter:) said...

Hi Lorraine....i love the shot with the leaves just sort of looks like one of our fishing could live in one on your own in winter on the ice it is a lot more work....hauling logs to keep from freezing....but you could catch your supper:)

Michael Rawluk said...

That place just needs some nice curtains.

TALON said...

I love buildings like that - they have to much to say. Awesome capture, Lorraine.

GABRIELA said...

That's good for you, Lorraine! I bet your creative spirit would improve tenfold by living in that know, when one suffers, one creates masterpieces! How about that?

Lorraine said...

I just want my own home, alone somewhere, that's all, but it seems it's not meant to be

I wish I could say that too Brian it sounds so freeing :)

Margie, yep I get that lol I wouldn't want to be in the moutains as much as in a small seaside village, with a little cottage

all year long Peter if it has electricity and a wood stove and river front lol

Michael, that place needs me :) lol

Thank you my dear Talon :)

Oh you are so kind Gabriela, you're a real lady

Devika said...

who knows future dear Lorraino...why do you think so? You will surely have a home for yourself...But Lorraine, if we get to know that even this body is a rented (not a permanent) home for the will feel home at any place you happen to live :)

I own two houses back in my home state...but i can't seem to go and live there until a long time to come, may be 15-20 years....and who knows, if i'll live until that, i'm so much home here in this rented place,


Magyar said...

creeking shed
in this old hiding place
smells of dust

Lovely LL, as always. _m