Friday, May 6, 2011


Devika said...

'if there's a heaven on earth, it is here, here, here' -- Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first PM said of Kashmir...and they made a hell of the place- that's another story,

without sorrow, joy seems hollow -- so remembrances are good,

well, i diverged may be because i don't have a concept of heaven...except all white-clad spirits idling around, i don't so much like that as this earth, full of trees, rivers, mounatins, valleys, streams, seas...and so full of life and confusion...frankly speaking i love watching all this, than idling around in a whie world -- ofcourse my might say heaven is something different :)


Devika said...

all the blah blah...forgot, Beautiful photo, Lorraine ...and the words too :)


Lorraine said...

Dev I love all your comments even though you're first one I'm sorry honey but it's bull...

It's ok I blah blah-ed too ;)

Devika said...

haha! :)

at times, everyone feels that blah blahing, i guess -- happy we found each other :)


Margie said...

Breathtaking picture!
And you remember m'dear!
As you share beauty and love every day!

Love this one!

Margie x

Brian Miller said...

bring on the love...that is what matters...and it is what will take those sorrows away...

TALON said...

Love is - yes, it's so true, Lorraine.

Frank... said...

Lovely picture, Lorraine...

sandy said...

It is beautiful.
Maybe memory comes back in heaven, I really hope not since I have worked hard to forget some things.

Magyar said...

In the morning... we head back to our pond.

this love
lines a thin path
walking through love's forest
search the new treasures of the old
slow steps


HOBBY said...

Beautiful photo! Thank you Lorraine for visits!

ArleneWKW said...

Ah, I can relate to the wish to remembe the wisdom that comes to us in moments and then is forgotten.

Lorraine said...

Dev :)

Oh Margie you have such a lovely touch!

Brian, agreed 100%, thanks my friend

Yes my sweet T. Love Is....thank you always

Thanks very much Frank :)

From what I've learned my dear Sandy, only of love...:)

Hmmm lovely Doug

My pleasure Yoshiyuki, you are so talented :) even if you call it Hobby :)

Arlene wisdom is Love, that's all we take with us, the Love we received, the Love we gave

....peter said...

I love it Lorraine and i am sure that you will remember what is heaven sent:).....peter:)