Thursday, June 2, 2011


Devika said...

Oh! Grand shot, Lorraine....words, well, you know, we just want them one and all happy :)


Devika said...

well, perhaps this could be your son, or another boy...but i would say let each boy and every girl have what they want...our happiness lies in their happiness -


Brian Miller said...

it is nice to live in is a thing of beauty you know...

TALON said...

Gorgeous shot, Lorraine! And what a day that boy has in store :)

Margie said...

Truly beautiful!
Love this post! x

Seraphine said...

isn't it nice that you are in a position to give it all to him? because life can be harsh, but there is a lot of goodness too.

Eddie said...

brand new day

Lorraine said...

Every child in the world Dev, should wake this way :)

I Know Brian, thanks my friend

Indeed Talon wouldn't it be nice to know :)

You're an angel Margie, thanks :)

You're right Cosmic Sera, so right ;)

OOOO Indeed Eddie, may it be a great one!

Magyar said...

LL, perhaps this atristic photo and verse fits.... all things:
__As I say of a new-born squirrel -on their first look out of their nest, that squirrel sees and knows, "all these things I see, belong to me."
__So, I think as that squirrel -steals- from the bird feeder, that squirrel -steals- nothing.
A natural function.
__Fine on LL. _m