Friday, June 3, 2011


Devika said...

Really wish I could, but then my thoughts always fly - and to record those with all earnestness is my wish....but 'earnestness is stupidity sent to college,' it is said,

i'll rather stop there and fly now....Nice photo, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

Thanks very much Dev :)

Magyar said...

the seas ribs
surge toward the sands
I fly

__As always, LL. _m

Brian Miller said...

nice. i have always wanted to fly...may all your wishes come true L

Gillena Cox said...

at the coastline
a meeting of wishes -
gulls fly

much love...

TALON said...

So free and so lovely. I can feel the wind, Lorraine!

Anonymous said...

What a stormy shot! Did you shoot it yesterday?

Margie said...

Wish I could fly like that bumblebee outside my window!
He's been there a long time now!
So sweet he is!

....peter said...

This is a fantastic surf wish can easily be granted can fly.... go out in that surf with a paraglide:) will be up and out of the water in an instant LOL....peter:)
i like your wish....i wish to fly often:-)

Michael Rawluk said...

I like that softness in the shot. Very nice.

Lorraine said...

very nice Doug, love it, I'm so late this mornin

Thanks so much Brian, I know yours have, well at least the most important ones lol

That's beautiful Gillena :)

Talon a wonder of nature lol

Hi Sandy, not sure, every time I went it was like that, i

Is there anything better sweetie?

Dne! thanks so much Peter

thanks very much Michael

GABRIELA said...

Don't fly too far, please! And....beware the speed!