Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Devika said...

That's nothing said and a lot said...i think a lot many of us have gone through it as well (Heaven knows why)....but primarily we are here, because we are meant to be here -- ultimately, one has to believe the Creator never does something questionable....Grand shot to go with, Lorraine :)

i got a free day, the guests have gone to a friend's place, and work is yet to firm up could visit quite a few blogs; i'll be off and on, butfor the most part will try to be here :)


Devika said...

can i say, this post makes me want to hold you close and don't leave at all...really :)

love, lots of love,

Brian Miller said...

it is hard to let go, walk away, even when things are falling apart around us...i am glad you survived those moments.

TALON said...

Hugs to you, Lorraine. There are times when moving on is about self-preservation. And looking back and wondering "what if?" is inevitable, but it sounds like you made a difficult, but wise choice.

Margie said...

This made me sad for you!
Hugs, my friend!
Don't look back, just be happy for what you have today!
You are strong and brave and have a beautiful soul!

Not able to visit yesterday as have 2 sick babies!
Had them both to the vet.

....peter said...

Hi Lorraine....this is a lovely photo with a sad thought....i don't know your history and i won't intrude....all that i can say is!!!!

Da ra da ra da da!!!!
"Look on the brighter of life:)
Jimmy Durante.....1945:)

Have a great day you deserve it:)

Lorraine said...

Dev that is comforting, thanks my friend :)

Me too Brian, I never thought I would :)

and You are a kind and gentle soul, thank you Talon

That is beautiful angel, ahhh, not two sick babies, Iknow the feeling, Kimmi is constipated, but getting better, mikey and Sammi are throwing up, Mikey, hairballs and Sammi because she swallows plastic (I was so sure I had sammi-proof and thrown out all plastic...geesh prayers for your 2

well isnt' that just the nicest thing to say, thanks Peter :)