Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something has changed


Devika said...

That sounds good, whatever that may have changed...and nice shot, Lorraine....hide or seek, bring us good photographs and words :)

we don't seem to have the plant here....know know its name? i am building a list on fauna and flora -- started long while ago, and retarted many times :)


Devika said...

i mean "restarted"


Brian Miller said...

i think it is healthy not to have to hide...for sure...

TALON said...

What a pretty shot, Lorraine. I love the soft effect and that orangey-red is one of my favorite colors. Isn't it lovely when you can step out of hiding?

Margie said...

Smiling here :)
I love it when friends are happy!

Beautiful shot, love those colors! x

Anonymous said...

What is that flower? The colors in this shot really go well together.
Good for you, Lorraine!

...peter said...

Your fuzzy is better than a lot of clear photos that i have seen Lorraine....keep in mind that the lens brings us to the world....our mood our feelings and our joy.... you bring so much fun with your visits and your awesome comments.....i look forward to them so very much....:-)
Eh!! Your Canadian friend ....Bz....peter:)

Michael Rawluk said...

It is like you went mad with a paint brush.

Lorraine said...

But Dev I loved the thanks sweetie, go to bed, take care of yourself

Dear Brian, after hiding for seven years, I'd say Oh Yeah ;)

More than I can say Talon :)

Margie you have a kind heart, thank you angel :)

Dear Sandy, I plead ignorance, I don't anything, I just shoot ;)

You are such a sweetie Peter, but i wanted it fuzzy, but thanks ;)

Yep something like that Michael ;)