Monday, June 20, 2011


Devika said...

don't take up lofty jobs on yourself, Lorraine...the scene isn't cool as the wine...International heads are losing their heads over the matter :)

nice photo as always -- btw, one Aristocratic chair...better have a nap; there's no problem, no bad day, which cannot be fixed by a nap :)

and my comment is a trial, let's see where it takes....i had to clean and reformat my system twice,

And, hotmail -- it used to be my original mail, but i haven't used it once in the past four years or it doesn't seem to accept; let's see :)


Devika said...

seeimginly somebody is working on the tech seem safe, perhaps each time i'll have to try...and if it isn't showing the sign-in name in the comment box - i'll have to leave it, and not take the risk,

so you know, why i'm not here, if i'm not here, :)


Devika said...

kyaa yar...**seemingly

Lorraine said...

Dev, the wine cooler I'm talking about is .5, let me repeat point 5, we can solve the world' problems

Devika said...

haha! you make me laugh...Oh yes, a cool head is good to solve, if only the head is there on one's shoulders -- well, somedays i'm doubtful of mine being there :))

BTW, What is the world's problem now? -- finance, food, water, minerals, oil, love, war,-- or wine itself? suddenly i feel i'm not of this world :)


Brian Miller said...

ha. makes me think of many a time i have sat with a friend and figured out all the worlds problems and maybe even our own...a comfortable place...

Gillena Cox said...

i like the empty chair; where someone sat and so
much must have been said

much love...

Margie said...

Oh, I love benches and especially that one!

Love this post!
And that picture, well, it's gorgeous!

Magyar said...

night rain
empty chairs still talk

Nice, LL!
__A never before seen two line haiku... from one of my old scribble books.

Michael Rawluk said...

I will just have a nice Merlot then we can talk. A lovely shot, by the way.

....peter:) said...

J'adorerais asseoir sur ce banc avec vous et de trouver un moyen de sauver le monde Lorraine...:)
je pense que nous pourrions le faire!!!!...
le vin pourrait aider clairement nos esprits lol:)
la composition de cette photo est fantastique... j'aime la texture de la vieille cabane à côté de votre banc....Bisous.... peter:)

Lorraine said...


Agreed Brian, a feel good place, do bad it doesn't last long enough :)

I like the thought Gillena, I wonder too :)

You are such an angel Margie, oh maybe we should start a bench blog...ha forget that lol

Ooooh innovative Doug, i like, you know me I follow no rythm hihi

Sounds good to Me Michael, thanks a bunch

Peter, your French is fantastic, je pense aussi que c'est possible, mais neanmoins il faut convaincre le restant du monde lol et merci pour le beau compliment

Cindybrown said...

I lov everything about this!!