Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Devika said...

don't know why this made me laugh...summer, inside out and upside down has never felt so good :)

nice photo too, Lorraine :)


Devika said...

or is this a sad one -- sometimes one is not sure whether to laugh or cry? happens with me :)

anyway, high time sadness goes off from the blogdom -- hope this isn't meant to be sad,


Gillena Cox said...

photo looks so familiar, maybe you've used a crop of this here before; however the words are new and interesting; i live in a hot country where there are no winters, so its hot, more hot, less hot, hot and rainy hot and dry, all year long; :)

Brian Miller said...

i dunno i think it is playful...maybe its the singing that i think if positive...makes me think of kids hanging upside down on the monkey bars singing...smiles.

Cindybrown said...

It feels peaceful to me :) Just loving summer!!!

Margie said...

upside down or inside out, whatever it is, I love it!
Happy first day of summer!
Hope it's a wonderful day for you!

Off to work, the kiddies await!

Be back later in the day.

Lorraine said...

it's a happy post, it's a new pic, and blogger won't lwt me blog again, I hate blogger...I don't any credit cards to open something that requires a minimal feel, arrrghhhh

Lorraine said...

Icould post a comment but I cna't upl0ad a phtoo ^^$()P*YPIHN}+_)

Michael Rawluk said...

I am having the occasional Blogger burp but nothing serious. Sometimes it takes two attempts to load a photo.

Lorraine said...

Michael 2 attempts try over 20, then I gave up

thanks everyone seems that Dev and Michael were right, now its easy breezy toupload...hmmm maybe I should not tempt faith

Devika Jyothi said...

nice to see you jolly good :)