Friday, July 15, 2011

ANNOUCEMENT it's ok ignore I've changed my mind

Tomorrow I go Macrof
I'll delete ALL my bl gs except for scratch and bark as I am not the only postER there

I will more than likely destroy this one also, but come on, who ever looks back....

I am going to start A NEW one it will be Macro, might be coloured or b&w

Not just 'cause I'm majerly pissed at my Newest Canon that was suppose to be fixed, and make photos look like hell...

and also because I like macros, there's no accident with macros, you don't grab or take something that breaks you

I HOPE YOU FOLLOW me to the Newly Called Macro Stuff will take me a few days, please bare with me


Devika Jyothi said...

This blog is specially interesting to me for the words you add to the photo; but you know i'll there to see the new one;

but days without your posts doesn't sound good to me!...and my suggestion is always for you to keep this blog :)


Devika Jyothi said...

btw, the photos here are guite, no very much good, so you can keep this going? :)


Lorraine said...

I meant thenew photos I've taken 'casue my camera is broken, I assure you that those that are here are my very best what do you mean my photos are not very much good....then again who cares...

Devika Jyothi said...

hey baba Lorraine...i was saying....your photos here are guite, no just quite, but very much's my saying things as they come, that is the problem.

So let me make it clear:
YOur photos are very much good :)

Rest, i need to see you posting everyday...and i know the quality of your photos are very good...whatever camera you use or break in the process :)



Devika Jyothi said...

now where does guite come from...i meant quite! :)


Magyar said...

LL, I'll miss -words flow and stuffm as well as
-whats on my mind-. You've erased your blogs too, in the past, if I recall correctly.
__We'll see ya, then and when. _m

Brian Miller said...

please leave me an addy to find you at if you do...i will miss you...

Margie said...

You changed your mind!
Don't change it again!
Stay, please, for a long, long time!
Too many would miss you!

Off to visit a few other blogs and then back to the rest of yours! x

Margie said...

Here again to say ....
"you better be here in the morning! "
Sleep well .... x

Michael Rawluk said...

How can you do that? We love you.

Lorraine said...

Ok Dev, gotcha !

Well Doug, this this I resisted it's like spitting in my own face ;) o and read my messae to Brin, same for you :)

Brian, you're a friend and a spectacular writer anyhoo, I will eventually send my add. and ask for blogger's address I don't have, 'cause occasionally I like to send things out,can be a silly postcard or hey how'ya doing,or heck a Christmas card, do Ihave your e-mail I'll check and you can send me your address, no worries, i'm very discreet,my e-mail among so many others is

Oh Margie you know temper tantrums 'cause sometimes I hurt too much, it's nothing...;)

Well I love you too, of course I'm not leaving don't you ever have temper tantrums?

Timoteo said...

Was please "bare" with me a Freudian slip?