Saturday, July 16, 2011


Devika Jyothi said...

What a photo! And the words - it seem like that sometimes...then sometimes we outgrow the pain, and feel lighter :)

and thanks for being here; now don't think of closing the blog, Lorraine :)


Brian Miller said...

my favorite of the narnias is voyage of the dawn treader, esp where eustice shed the dragon i get you...and happy saturday friend...

firebird said...

Oh, my--and your writing is getting deeper during the past months--not something I would like to stop the momentum of...
and the photos are super!
If you're going to shed--do it only to the non-essential.

I agree with Devika--

Frank... said...

A lovely post, Lorraine...

Margie said...

I love this amazing photo and I love someone that has the most kind heart!
Got your package today!
Oh, thank you dear Lorraine.
I so love them!

Michael Rawluk said...

I think you have an natural affinity with the water.

This is a lovely shot, Lorraine.

Lorraine said...

ThanksDev, I won't :)

You always do, thanks Brian :)

Ok dearbird, thanks always :)

Thanks very much Frank :)

When I made them I thought of you, lovely
aren't they, just like you x

I like that Michael I think so, must be why I lifts me up and thank you

Margie said...

You are precious!xx